Bonus types: what are they? How they benefit you?

Bonus types: what are they? How they benefit you?

Bonuses are a much sought after benefit by punters, but the way they are offered varies from site to site. Some online casino sites offer bonuses for the simple action of you registering yourself. Others require a cash deposit to grant access to the bonus. Idn poker online betting will briefly explain each of the most commonly offered bonus types. Come on.

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No deposit bonus

Just remembering, no deposit bonuses are those offered right after the new customer registers on the betting site, without the need for any prior payment. If you are not very familiar with the game, this type of bonus is ideal so that you can get to know it and later make a real bet, already feeling more secure.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is the one released after registration and after the minimum deposit established by the house is made. Most of the time, the bonus is 100% of the deposited amount, and this is a great help for the bettor’s bankroll , who, if you know the game well, can make big profits from this bonus.

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Bonus after first bet

In this type of reward, the customer must first make a deposit in real money and use it, and then earn a credit in the same amount as the deposit or in another fixed amount, previously stipulated by the site.

Bonus points

This is a type of bonus offered to build customer loyalty. The more, or the better you play, the more benefits the bookmaker can offer you. The type of award varies from house to house.

Promotions and offers

These promotions are temporary and follow a schedule of events, and may be related to holidays, festive dates or some specific tournaments. Be sure to follow Poker Betting news because we always bring this information to you.

Deposit bonus on selected days

This type of bonus is nothing more than a bonus offered on specific days, according to the website calendar.

Reload bonus

Online poker Indonesia rooms usually offer some bonuses that vary between 50% and 100% of the balance top-up value. The bonus is not available all the time, so stay tuned to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes along. This type of bonus is usually linked to the rollover strategy, which we will explain later.

Points and rewards club

As the name implies, this type of bonus offered is exclusive to members of the club, which is usually restricted to older customers of the bookmaker.

Free tournament tickets

Another customer loyalty strategy used by online poker sites is free tournament tickets. They are typically offered to bettors who have previously made deposits and to bettors who have already participated in competitions.

In the end: Play with the best hands

Having a strong hand is not enough to win poker rounds and tournaments, but starting a play with a strong hand is a very important part of the game. Therefore, try to participate more in rounds where your starting hand is strong, this will give you an advantage, help you to win and reduce your chances of losing.